Weight loss supplements Part 1

If you are new to the dieting thing you may want to look into supplements. I think they can be really helpful for working out, but you have to be careful because there is a lot of junk out there. I have tried quite a few and their are few that really stand out. One thing I try to avoid are the “weight loss” pills or anything that says it can help you lose some pounds. Most of these pills are absolutely loaded with cheap caffeine and other garbage that you don’t need your body.

But not every supplement is bad. I am a huge fan of green tea. I find it helps me with my workouts because of the energy boost i get when i drink it. I have heard that green tea can lower cholesterol so that is an added bonus for me. Yeah, i know tea isn’t necessarily a supplement, but i’m including it anyway because its not really a food either.

Another supplement I take copious amounts of is fish oil. This stuff is great.  My doctor recommended i take fish oil and i have defiantly noticed it helps me in many ways. It has a laundry list of health benefits and really helps to lower the bad cholesterol in your body. It is chocked full of omega3 which contains “good cholesterol.” Supposedly the more good cholesterol you ingest the less likely your body is to accumulate bad cholesterol. I have noticed that this stuff helps me concentrate a lot better. This is good since my work is very intellectually intensive. Yay for added bonuses! Note: if you decide to try fish oil, be careful with which brand you go with. Some have bad contamination like mercury. Here is a great shopping list to get you started.

And my last major supplement is protein powder. I use this in place of snack meals because it is much healthier for you. 20 ounces of protein drink has lower calories than a candy bar! This is great because i use it to fill my stomach up so i wont have room for the junky food later on! Less calories+fuller= weight loss in my book. I recommend a whey based powder. Whey powder is basically dried de-fatted milk with most of the cholesterol removed. If you are lactose intolerant than stick with a soy based powder. Soy is supposed to be much healthier for you but i find it gives me terrible indigestion. It doesn’t seem to matter which brand i try either, as they all give me the same indigestion. Go figure.

Well that’s all for today folks. PS: Its almost time for another weigh in! See you next time.

My Favorite Diets: Part 1

I have tried a lot of diets on my weight loss journey. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Vegan diet

This diet is basically all vegetables and no animal product, not even milk or cheese. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it is supposed to be really good for your heart health. I have tried vegetarianism, and i really liked it. I didn’t have as much energy and i never felt like i was getting enough to eat, so I wound up eating a lot of eggs and cheese. My body doesn’t tolerate dairy very well, which was the only bad part. Studies indicate that vegetarians tend to live a little longer than us meat lovers. Go figure.


The Atkins diet is just the opposite. Basically you get to eat as much fat and cholesterol as you want, but no carbs. The concept behind this is that when you eat nothing but fats and protein your body goes into “keotosis”. Ketosis basically reverses the concept of fat burning. Basically it makes your body burn fat for energy instead of carbs. That’s why you can eat as much fat as you want when your on this diet. This is one of my favorite diets and the easiest for me to follow since i am a big meat eater. The only caveat is the no carbs rule. What i notice when i try it is that i feel great the first few weeks and then i start getting carb cravings real bad. I think if you are going to try this diet it is best to maybe eat a little carbs every now and then. This will help a lot with the cravings.

Weight Watchers

This diet follows standard diet rules but has the added benefit of a support network of other dieters to help cheer you on. This diet is great when you are just starting out because it is so hard to stay on track at first. When you develop your own routine, this diet loses some of its usefulness. I still have many friends that I have made in the weight watchers program. The long term friendships you make in this program are probably one of its greatest benefits.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is all about plant oils, nuts, beans, yogurt, fish, chicken, and seeds with a healthy dose of vegetables thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, and you also get to drink red wine. I am not a wine drinker, but this may be great for some people. As for effect, I have used this diet to great success. It is a diet that focuses on balance, which is great. You don’t have to worry about eating too much of the same foods and getting bored. One day you can eat yogurt and cheese, the next fish, the next chicken etc. This diet is an easy one to stay on long term provided you watch your calorie intake.

Until Next Time

Well that’s all for today, just a quick post. I hope to make this into a series since there are so many diets that i have experience with.

Foods That Help You Loose Weight

Hello again everyone. I just got back from the gym and I feel really pumped and motivated. I’m currently eating a nice big salad that I made myself. Tastes great! Or so I like to tell myself :) . Anyway, I thought id use this post to go over some foods that have helped me curb my food cravings.


The first and obvious one is vegetables. They are a great choice for a snack or to add to a meal, even if it is a “cheat” meal. I like to add crushed broccoli to everything. The reason I do this is because there is almost no calories in broccoli, it tastes great, and when you add it to a meal that is high in calories you tend to eat a lot less. Mostly because of all of that fiber. Yup. In fact, I find that foods with a lot of fiber in them to be great for digestion as well. Carrots are great as well. Get yourself a blender and your set. I try to drink carrot juice at least 2-3 times a day. This is great because I like to eat a lot of sugary stuff. I have always been a “fat kid” which means that sweets were my favorite food group. Carrot juice is sweet so it clams my sweet cravings. It is also great for an energy boost as well. I mix it with some tasteless protein powder right before i go to the gym. the surge in energy i get makes me real motivated, especially when i am sore and am trying to find excuses not to go. Vegetables will give you more energy anyway so you should eat them regularly if you plan on doing any gym work at all. The trick with veggies is to try as many as you can until you find one you actually like. Make sure you avoid putting anything on them too. When i first starting dieting i would eat a salad but slaver it with dressing or oil. Once i learned how to read a calorie label i found out my low cal salad had become a full course meal!

Fruits like apples and bananas are great too but you have to be careful. Make sure your eating the whole fruit and not going for the surgery juices. Again, fiber is key here. I also remember reading somewhere that chewing makes you less hungry because your brain thinks you are getting filled up. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I have defiantly noticed i feel fuller for longer when i eat wholes fruits instead of just the juices!


Nuts are great too. My favorite are pecans. I kind of use them as a cheat meal because they are high in fat. When i do a low carb diet i eat a ton of these. You might say i go a little nutty. I like to keep some trail mix in my drawer at work instead of going to the snack machine. I always try to keep some sort of nut based snack on me when i am not at home so i can reach for that instead of heading over to McDonald’s or something. Oh yeah, make sure you nut butters. They go down to easy and are very high in fat.


Beans are amazing for weight loss. They keep you full and are real cheap to buy in bulk. They are rather tasteless unfortunately. Your best bet is to add a little balsamic vinegar to them. Balsamic is very low cal and gives them a sweet taste. Be careful with beans, they give me lots of gas. Beans will make you very unpopular!


Last but not least is dark chocolate! If you are like me and and love candy, a little dark chocolate every now and then will go a long way towards stopping the binges. Dark chocolate is much lower in calories than the milk version and it makes you feel good too. I read an article recently that said people who eat chocolate early in the day tend to eat less calories during their main meals. I have noticed this is true. I think dark chocolate may have some secret anti apatite effect or something, haha.

These foods are my weight loss bread and butter without the butter. I could go on all night but it is late and I have to get to sleep. Good night everyone!

Wiegh in #1

Howdy everyone. This is my personal blog of my weight loss journey. I will try to post updates here at least once a week. Life can be hectic sometimes though, so who knows.

Anyhoo, I weighed in this mourning at 272.4. I have started a new diet (atkins type) yesterday and I feel great. You always feel great one the low carb diets but only at the beginning. After about the first week you start to lose energy fast. But I am used to it. This is my third time trying a low carb type diet. My last one was about 6 months ago and It didn’t go very well. It was great at first, I was shedding the pounds very easily and my cardio at the gym became a little easier. But after awhile I started to CRAVE carbs. Unfortunately I couldn’t last most then 2 months in such a state and went on a little bit of a binge, which of course made me balloon back up again. I went from 286 down to 270 and then right back up to 283. doh. I have learned that the trick is to eat some carbs but not bad ones. I try to stick to fruits and vegetables but it is difficult.

My gym goals have been really tough to hit. I try to go everyday but I am very bust with work and family life so I have to skip it sometimes. Like everyone else, when I first got fed up with being fat and set a fitness goal for myself, I planned to go to the gym everyday and never miss one session. But as we all know, that can be very difficult. When I do go my routine is usually bikes and treadmill. I like the bikes because they aren’t so difficult on your back. You large fellas out there might know what I’m talking about, heh. I have also attempted the elliptical a few times. Elliptical is great exercise but I never liked them much. I have been thinking about switching gyms though. Last time I was there a guy broke his ankle due to a treadmill malfunction. Scary. Things like that seem to happen quite often at my current gym. I may opt for a 24hr fitness membership again. I don’t like them very much since they always try to up sell you when signing up. I read an articles recently that they are on the verge of going bankrupt. It doesn’t surprise me, they always felt like the Walmart of fitness centers to me.

In any case, it looks like its time for my all meat and cheese and no bun burger. Yummy.

April 3, 2014