Small Group Tours for weight loss

(I know this isn’t weight loss related, but i felt i should share my thoughts here with you guys! And besides – getting out and moving helps burns those calories!)

Solo travel can be difficult. When I’m traveling alone there are many times when I’ve gotten lost or had to walk a few miles to reach a certain hotel. Sometimes I would even have to take a uncomfortably small bus or be unable to locate a good source of quality food. There is also all the hassle involved with planning your trip out as well. Thats why it can be nice to have a company do all of the prearranging for you.

About Original World

With over 15 years experience in small group tours of Asia, Original World has created many different sightseeing tours of Asia. They also offer custom tours for individual travelers like me. Are you looking to cycle through Southeast Asia? Or maybe visit to silk road? Then Original World is the tour company for you. Each tour comes with an English speaking operator and a U.S. based tour planner that takes care of all of the itinerary. Both of them are highly knowledgeable about the location and will answer any questions you may have.

Visiting Asia can be daunting because it has so many different countries and is very large. There is also a lot of out of way places to visit. The Asian tours offered by Original World include pretty much all of the major highlights of some of the major Asian countries like Bhutan, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Silk Road, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Sir Lanka.

Their web site also has the itinerary system for all of these places so be sure to check it out.

Small Group Tours

One of the most annoying things when traveling with a tour company is large group size. It can be annoying to have to wait 10 minutes just to snap a photo of a famous landmark or museum. Fortunately for me, Original World keeps keeps their group size to a minimum. My group had only 10 people, but I think the max Original World allows is 13. The small group size is advantageous when interacting with the local people, and you’ll likely meet some new friends in the group along the way.

Customer Service

One thing I like about original world customer support. You can always get in touch with the tour operator directly by phone, or even live chat.


Original World has very fair pricing. For some of the longer all encompassing tours such as a 14 day tour of Asia for instance, you can expect to pay around $3000. But this is great because the longer tours have loads of locations that to visit and many sites to see along the way. You can also do a custom tour, and Barbara will drum up a quick itinerary and quote a price.


Although I’m not a fan of large expensive tours, Original World offers a unique experience that is very affordable. You of course are paying for the convenience – but that is to be expected, since you can visit Asia without having to plan anything. And with such a huge range of tours all over the world, and there willingness to keep the group size very small, Original World is a great company to choose if you’re planning a small group tour in the near future.