5 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss



Almost everybody nowadays is working hard to achieve the perfect body weight, as it definitely has it’s benefits, especially to those who are obese like i used to be. More than keeping your body in great shape, you also can live a healthier lifestyle, as long as you keep the recommended BMI. In this article, I will try to help you achieve that goal, by introducing five 6 highly-effective exercise routines to help you lose the most weight in the shortest possible time.

Why Is Losing Weight is So Important?

Losing weight has certainly it’s benefits. First up, you will feel great about yourself and you would have more energy, which is essential in allowing you to get through  the often hectic and daunting tasks of a typical workday. You also have less health issues, and have better quality sleep. Such renewed energy and strength also gives you the chance to enjoy your life more, giving you enough energy to do more fun tasks in your free time.

 The Best Way To Lose Weight

There are shortcuts to losing weight quickly. However, these often come with consequences so it is be to simply be active and exercise to burn. No other activity is as effective and safe than exercising. As you shed those pounds away, you also stand to improve your body’s strength and stamina. That is why exercising remains one of the most prescribed weight-loss activities in the world.

Simple, Yet Effective Fat-burning Exercises

While all exercise will help you lose weight, some are also effective in strengthening the body. However, the best weight loss activies are those that helps burn as much calories  in the shortest period of time. Here are a few of my favorites:

 Running. Whether you are running on the road or the treadmill, running is the best way to lose weight. This rather basic, but intense workout uses a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories. Burnt calories means more fats burned, allowing you to lose weight the safe and natural way. It also helps improve your breathing which allows you to get more stamina and energy to get more work done.

Walking. Any physical activity can definitely do wonders in burning those calories, and that includes  walking. Instead of taking a cab or bus for short-distance trips, you can instead try to walk to your destination. When you go and shop in a mall, visit a neighbor, or go from one department in your workplace to another, you work your legs and in turn burn some calories in the process. Not only you do get the work done, you also burn calories and fats, helping your weight go down. You may want to consider a device such as a Fitbit as well, since these will have a built in pedometer that keeps track of your steps taken during the day. Fitness trackers like Jawbones UP or Garmen’s forerunner series are some of the best fitness trackers ever made and can make exorcise fun and easy. Give one a try and you wont be disappointed.

Using the Stairs. Instead of going down the elevator in the mall or your workplace, you can choose to use the stairs instead. This is a great way of not only strengthening your legs, but can also burn calories in the process.

 Lifting weights. Whether you’re wrestling with dumb bells in the gym or lifting various equipment at home or at work, you not only improve the strength of your core, you also burn a lot of calories and fat, which in turn helps you lose that unwanted weight.

Squatting. While squats may seem a little difficult, it is actually a fairly simple type of exercise to do. It does not matter if you are in a gym, at home or in the office, you can try squatting when you lift or put down objects in everyday life, such as chairs or heavy boxes. It helps tone and strengthen the muscles in your lower extremities, it also helps you burn a lot of energy, making you lose weight.

So there you have it, 5 simple exercises that can help you lose weight. These very effective exercise routines does not only help you shed some of your weight and strengthen you, it also does not interfere with the chores that you need to perform. So get up now and keep those muscles working and work your way into losing your weight that can drastically improve your well-being.

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