Hello my name is Gary and this is my site about health and fitness. Two years ago on the night of November the 3rd I suffered a near fatal heart attack. I collapsed in my apartment and if my wife hadn’t been there to call 911, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this right now. I had to get a bypass done, and the doctors said that I had very high cholesterol for my age. I was grossly overweight at 322 lbs. From that day on I resigned my sell to slimming down and getting in shape. Since then, I have lost over 52 pounds of body fat. It has been a long struggle and I still have some ways to go. That’s why I have decided to set up this site, to share my progress and teach others that they can do it to.

I constantly research new diets and do my  best to stay up to date with the latest health information. I have tried almost all of the fad diets that are on the market today. Some of them have been helpful. Most of them haven’t. This site is for others like me who may be struggling with their weight and need some information or even inspiration to make the first step to a fuller and healthier life. I will post interesting news articles and keep a blog about my fitness progress. You are welcome to follow along. In fact, I encourage it.

Here’s a little more about me: I hail from the sunshine state and my hobbies are fly fishing, computers, and health/fitness. I am also an amateur photographer. My dad was a professional photographer and taught me everything I know. I hope to one day ditch the office and follow my dream to be a traveling photographer. I currently shoot on a Nikon D610. I do a lot of macro work for fun. Speaking of macro, here’s a shot:


Bet you thought it was rice huh? Well, its actually garlic. You will have to excuse the quality since WordPress is sometimes finicky about what i upload. I am also big on impressions, which is why i still sometimes shoot on film. I don’t like to do after effects work. for film shots i am a big fan of the canon AE-1. I have most of the FD style lenses. I think they releeased over 40 of them and I have about that many. This camera was kind of a hand me down from my dad. I love the speed range on this thing, its great for a non digital. I can shoot moving cars a 2/1000 without a hitch. The flash X sync is great too.

If you want to see or buy more of my work feel free to contact me here.

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