Wiegh in #1

Howdy everyone. This is my personal blog of my weight loss journey. I will try to post updates here at least once a week. Life can be hectic sometimes though, so who knows.

Anyhoo, I weighed in this mourning at 272.4. I have started a new diet (atkins type) yesterday and I feel great. You always feel great one the low carb diets but only at the beginning. After about the first week you start to lose energy fast. But I am used to it. This is my third time trying a low carb type diet. My last one was about 6 months ago and It didn’t go very well. It was great at first, I was shedding the pounds very easily and my cardio at the gym became a little easier. But after awhile I started to CRAVE carbs. Unfortunately I couldn’t last most then 2 months in such a state and went on a little bit of a binge, which of course made me balloon back up again. I went from 286 down to 270 and then right back up to 283. doh. I have learned that the trick is to eat some carbs but not bad ones. I try to stick to fruits and vegetables but it is difficult.

My gym goals have been really tough to hit. I try to go everyday but I am very bust with work and family life so I have to skip it sometimes. Like everyone else, when I first got fed up with being fat and set a fitness goal for myself, I planned to go to the gym everyday and never miss one session. But as we all know, that can be very difficult. When I do go my routine is usually bikes and treadmill. I like the bikes because they aren’t so difficult on your back. You large fellas out there might know what I’m talking about, heh. I have also attempted the elliptical a few times. Elliptical is great exercise but I never liked them much. I have been thinking about switching gyms though. Last time I was there a guy broke his ankle due to a treadmill malfunction. Scary. Things like that seem to happen quite often at my current gym. I may opt for a 24hr fitness membership again. I don’t like them very much since they always try to up sell you when signing up. I read an articles recently that they are on the verge of going bankrupt. It doesn’t surprise me, they always felt like the Walmart of fitness centers to me.

In any case, it looks like its time for my all meat and cheese and no bun burger. Yummy.

April 3, 2014

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