Weight loss supplements Part 1

If you are new to the dieting thing you may want to look into supplements. I think they can be really helpful for working out, but you have to be careful because there is a lot of junk out there. I have tried quite a few and their are few that really stand out. One thing I try to avoid are the “weight loss” pills or anything that says it can help you lose some pounds. Most of these pills are absolutely loaded with cheap caffeine and other garbage that you don’t need your body.

But not every supplement is bad. I am a huge fan of green tea. I find it helps me with my workouts because of the energy boost i get when i drink it. I have heard that green tea can lower cholesterol so that is an added bonus for me. Yeah, i know tea isn’t necessarily a supplement, but i’m including it anyway because its not really a food either.

Another supplement I take copious amounts of is fish oil. This stuff is great.  My doctor recommended i take fish oil and i have defiantly noticed it helps me in many ways. It has a laundry list of health benefits and really helps to lower the bad cholesterol in your body. It is chocked full of omega3 which contains “good cholesterol.” Supposedly the more good cholesterol you ingest the less likely your body is to accumulate bad cholesterol. I have noticed that this stuff helps me concentrate a lot better. This is good since my work is very intellectually intensive. Yay for added bonuses! Note: if you decide to try fish oil, be careful with which brand you go with. Some have bad contamination like mercury. Here is a great shopping list to get you started.

And my last major supplement is protein powder. I use this in place of snack meals because it is much healthier for you. 20 ounces of protein drink has lower calories than a candy bar! This is great because i use it to fill my stomach up so i wont have room for the junky food later on! Less calories+fuller= weight loss in my book. I recommend a whey based powder. Whey powder is basically dried de-fatted milk with most of the cholesterol removed. If you are lactose intolerant than stick with a soy based powder. Soy is supposed to be much healthier for you but i find it gives me terrible indigestion. It doesn’t seem to matter which brand i try either, as they all give me the same indigestion. Go figure.

Well that’s all for today folks. PS: Its almost time for another weigh in! See you next time.

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